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See what others are selling, or list your own item to sell. All items sold on this site are medical related such as medical devices, supplies and equipment.

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Sales of medical related equipment are final. Seller's are not responsible for any damage from shipping or other damage from over use of items.

Sellers, you should use this opportunity to tell buyers what they can and cannot do with their items once they've bought them. This is where you explain that all sales are final or that returns are accepted within a certain timeframe. If you have a no-returns policy, make sure that's absolutely clear in your listings. Otherwise, buyers may be confused if they try to return an item and face the consequences of your no-returns policy—including a negative feedback rating.

If something goes wrong during shipping or the buyer receives a damaged product, it's important to let them know who'll help fix the problem and how they should go about doing so. Here's an example of what sellers might say:

Please inspect your merchandise upon delivery for damages or defects. If you receive damaged merchandise, please retain all original packaging materials in order to process any claims with UPS. Upon receipt of such package(s), we will issue replacement(s) for damaged items at no cost to you, provided an itemized claim listing the damage(s) is faxed back to us within three (3) business days from date of delivery confirmation by UPS tracking information.

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On the site, you can buy new or used products from nurses like you who want to make a little extra money selling their unwanted medical gear. In addition to selling your newly unwanted items on the site, you can also find one of our many convenient drop-off locations so that someone else can benefit from your gently used equipment. If you need to sell a large quantity of supplies or hospital equipment (like old IV poles or wheelchairs), consider donating them instead! We'll even come pick up these larger items if they're in decent condition and if they’re located in the continental United States.

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